Why Do You Need Ten Sessions for Rolfing?

Why do you need ten sessions for Rolfing?

The easy answer is nothing big happens overnight. Even the “overnight” success some artists have in the entertainment industry came from years of preparation and work. They didn’t wake up famous from the first song performed! So, especially when it comes to our health and well-being, it’s a bit unrealistic to expect one session of anything to drastically improve the way you live. It’s true, a massage will make you feel better immediately. But a week later, you’ve got a pain in the same place again. Rolfing will actually change the way your body moves. This is the main reason athletes and performers with physically demanding jobs love Rolfing. It realigns their body with the natural law of gravity, and prevents further injury to negatively affected areas of the body.

So why is the magic number 10?

Most Rolfers will say you need ten sessions, and it could change on a case to case basis. Knowing the basics of Rolfing, we can understand that finding the actual cause of pain isn’t as easy as pointing to where it hurts. Trained Rolfing professionals can identify the true beginning of pain, but after comes the work of identifying what movements are creating this pain. Think of it as a body tune-up, and each session builds upon the last session, and prepares the body for the next one.

The first three sessions

The first three sessions focus on the more superficial layers of the fascial tissue. This can start with a focus on breathing constraints, and how to improve the lung area to have full, deep breaths. It usually includes a focus on the upper body; shoulders, ribcage, neck, and back work. The Rolfer will then move on to the foundation of our body, the feet and legs. This improves balance and can help foot issues most of us thought we were cursed to live with forever.

The next four sessions

The next four sessions focus on the deeper layers of the connective tissues. Having a knowledgeable Rolfer, you will have learned what your body has been doing wrong in the first few sessions. Now, with the right framework in place, your Rolfer can dive deep into the real issues, and break up tension at the core of your joints and major movement areas.

The final stretch

The last few sessions are necessary for complete integration and overall function of your body. The first three quarters of work done has focused individually on each affected body part. Now, we integrate your new-and-improved body parts to complete the process. By the end of your ten sessions, you will feel more balanced physically. Many people don’t realize how much tension they hold in certain areas of the body until it is gone. Everyone can benefit from Rolfing, because we are all living in a modern world that is less than ergonomically sound for our bodies.

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