What’s the difference between Rolfing and a Deep Tissue Massage?

Rolfing Versus Deep Tissue Massage We’ve discussed before the difference of traditional massage therapy and Rolfing. But where is the difference in deep tissue massage and Rolfing? They are commonly confused, although the two could not be more different. So, what’s the difference between Rolfing and deep tissue massage? The separating factor between the two is […]

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What Is Rolfing? An In Depth Explanation

what is rolfing

So what is Rolfing? The practice has been around for nearly a century, but the most people doesn’t have a clear idea on what it is. Rolfing is about a clients relationship with their body, in relation to their environment. Most human beings are out of alignment, and of course, we function better when we are lined up […]

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Rolfing or Massage Therapy?

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Rolfing or Massage Therapy? Rolfing or massage therapy? Rolfing is a lesser known component to the mind-body balance, but it’s benefits far outweigh those of traditional massage therapy. Rolfing is a system of soft tissue manipulation that changes the structural integrity of your body. It is a therapy that targets the myofascial tissues first, but […]

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